B.Ed counselling for MP board

Candidates who are planning to do B.Ed from MP board can now enroll themselves through online registration. The online process has an online admission procedure through which candidates can take admissions in any college on the basis of merit. The candidates need to appear for the entrance examination and post its clearance they will be eligible for B.ED courses of their choice.

The candidates need to keep an eye on the schedule for the counseling which will hold in 2017on the MP board website. The counseling will be timelined as per the merit list. The students need to carry documents which will be required while attending the counseling in their respective venue. Some kind of important details that the candidate should never miss out names, date of birth, contact number, recent passport size photo which should scan along with the signature and certificates received from school and college. The students would also receive login credential to login the website so that they can check daily updates and upload or download documents as and when required.

Without the proper documentation and fee clearance candidates won’t be allowed to attend the counseling.  With the submission of all relevant documents, the candidates would receive the seat numbers and their seat allotment will be disclosed as per the dates which are scheduled for counsel. The candidates are expected to block dates in their calendar given dates by the board so that they don’t miss out the opportunity. It is essential that the candidate should not miss attending their session as there very rare possibilities of repetition.

There is three level of counseling which is conducted and candidates should clear all counseling round becomes eligible for the admission.  Each level of counseling would help the candidates to sharpen their skills and sound enough so that they can easily clear the examination. The official website does consist of guideline for the candidates so that they prepare well for the counseling sessions. Through counseling, the candidates would learn more about soft skills and be more confident in their speech. All these factors help the candidates in the long run and would help them to perform well at every grade. The three level of counseling helps the candidate to be through with their subjects and prepared for their final exams with flying colors. Clearing this examination would become further criteria to do more courses as well.

Changing times for Network Engineers ?

Rajani Kanth

With the introduction of SDN and NFV, is life the same for Network Engineers? How big is the impact to the Network Engineer’s role at the Service Provider’s place? Let’s discuss.

As we know, Network Engineer plays a key role at service provider facility. They are responsible for various tasks like planning a network topology, configuration of the physical designs, monitoring them and fixing the network issues etc. I still remember how to do E1 capacity planning, traffic analysis, how to take MSC/BSC back-ups and software upgrades. Update Billing and numbering tables manually by using commands.

However, today we have different software tools to perform the above tasks. We have different software for capacity planning, traffic analysis and network optimization. We have software to report the network faults and send alarms etc.

Previously also, we used software and tools to perform the above tasks. However, with the advancement of SDN…

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The Pech and Archaeology in the Mosquitia

Real Honduran Archaeology

Every few years, a new group of explorers ‘discover’ a fabulous archaeological site in the Honduran rain forest. It is lauded in the press as a huge discovery, perhaps the mythical lost city in the Honduran rain forest, maybe even a lost civilization.

The problem is that it isn’t a lost civilization, or even a mythical lost city. I know, because I’ve been studying that area for years. Other archaeologists worked there before me. People live nearby and travel through there all the time.

So there is always a lot of hype and sensationalism, and most scholars are disgusted. They write letters complaining about it all.  The original team looks silly, like children playing out a movie fantasy. The scholars who complained look humorless, and maybe jealous that they didn’t get to play jungle explorer. And if that’s all it was, it wouldn’t matter much, perhaps. Nobody else would care.

But this kind of careless sensationalism has…

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My Ronde van Drenthe

Chloe Hosking

I won a World Cup. Wait. No. That’s wrong.

The first race of the ten race World Cup series kicked off in the Netherlands on Saturday. World Cup races, for those who don’t know, are pretty much as big as it gets in women’s cycling. These are our World Tour events; our Milan San Remo, our Paris-Roubaix, our monuments. The only thing that trump them are the World Championships and the Olympic Games.

I love Dutch racing, I love cobbles, I love cross winds and I love weather that makes all those skinny girls shake like a polaroid picture.

For the last however many years the World Cup series has started at Ronde van Drenthe. A race made hard by the cobbles and weather rather than the elevation gain. Indeed in this year’s edition we climbed a grand total of 106 metres.

If you’re a regular reader of my blog…

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Steve Lendman – Washington Wants Its Big Lying Machine Revved Up – 29 March 2015

Lucas 2012 Infos

StevelendmanIts annual three-fourths of a billion dollars spent isn’t enough. It’s for managed news disinformation rubbish aired by:

•Voice of America;

•Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty,

•Radio Free Asia;

•Radio and TV Marti aimed at Cuba; and

•Middle East Broadcasting Networks.

Plus enormous sums spent by supportive corporate media, as well as so-called public (be damned) broadcasting and radio blasting out Big Lies, fake news, and other grand deceptions instead of what everyone deserves.

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Accustomed technological features and auto makers of 2015

In the part of substitute fuel vehicles, Toyota sustained to its push for the expansion of hydrogen fuel cell cars by contribution of the competitor automakers entrance to thousands of its fuel-cell-related patents for free of charge. The assertions and demos from carmakers were possibly the most noteworthy at the show considered this year.
Motor vehicle makers are persistent to the technological potential of our daily drivers, approaching toward an opportunity where cars drive and park themselves and accept our directions through influence or hand motions or a tap on our phones or watches.
In the last few years, the automobile business has been mounting its attendance at the intercontinental level. At slightest 10 automakers are in presence this year which including Ford, Mercedes-Benz Audi, BMW, GM, and Toyota; this was single more automaker than last year’s show and up two from this time prior.
Manufacturing forecasts predict a 3% augmented from 2015 to $11.3 billion in the sales of factory-installed tech systems. Seminar meetings all the way through the week will discuss on topics such as in-car security, protection of in-car digital systems and the development absent from the in isolation owned car.
Well turned-out car fashionable are banking on clients adding up auto-tech to their record of must-haves when shopping for an original car. Connectivity is combination belongings like energy economy and wellbeing as a key feature in a car business conclusion. Buyers are familiarized to having knowledge at their fingertips and they anticipate the same from their vehicles.
In reality, a survey from consulting firm Accenture found that 39 percent of prospective buyers cited in-vehicle knowledge as the top buying point, while just 14 percent put horsepower and managing as their top main concern.
At its CES essential in today’s scenario, Ford proclaimed its smart mobility programme, a set of 25 experiments series from big data analytics to a car exchange facility that let you change over your Mustang in for a minivan for the weekend. The company also talked about its plans for independent cars holders.
In addition to this Ford CTO Raj Nair also conversed about Ford’s proposals about self-directed and help out driving. The key enablers for this, he considered, are smart software growth and enhanced sensor potential in cars. As Nair renowned at a press conference ahead of the high importance, he believes we will see self-sufficient vehicles on the road in at smallest amount some evidently distinct position within five years. He has no worries that Ford will also offer an autonomous car in the prospect and the company already has model of its autonomous cars on the road right then.
But the car industry still faces frequent challenges — not just scientific ones, but also educational ones. Ford, for instance, is also thinking about what that understanding will look like.
The example is of Hyundai’s desire to lift its representation from value-for-money to expensive high-tech equipments is a courageous move and probably it would proved out to be a year successful year.2015 Hyundai origin review, ratings, specs, fee.
The pathway, however, isn’t all or not anything according to Ford, but will as a substitute is accomplished via on the rise semi-autonomous description. The company also sustained that vehicle -to-vehicle announcement is not a mandatory section of car autonomy, an assertion that some will certainly dispute for the same.
Apart the above mentioned facts there are around 1.2 million traffic-related losses globally happening each year, with reference to the WHO. The automakers pointed out, our self-driving car won’t get drunk, exhausted or abstracted. And they could return something many other gadgets have taken away time.


The rise of the early morning sun is the way we need to rise each day comprising with new hopes and determination towards our goals we set. This builds up your stamina and strength to carry it out which eventually help you to achieve your dreams and making proud to those who has always supported you and lifted yourself up. Along with this it gives you a sense of satisfaction within you with what you did and enjoy its essence.
Each morning has some thing reserved only for you . You just need to go for it.

Cheers Life….! Smile and make other smile too.


At every walk of life we face enough challenges which sometimes arises due to various situation or are the obstacles so as to learn lessons from it which would eventually make us realize the importance of the work we doing. All these helps yourself to build you strong and releases all kinds of negative vibes which pulls you down and makes you weak and forcing you to give up or finding other alternative rather than facing it. After facing the challenges and fighting towards make a person a true winner at least to himself if not the world and to boost the self esteem which prepares one to face anything. At this point one shouldn’t be loosing temper or curse yourself or others for the problem instead relax your self and analyse the problem with a chilled mind where you would get to know how to deal with the problems. There are times when we ourselves are responsible in that case instead cursing or being ashamed of it try taking few further to sort things which not only move you out from the guilt but on the same time you will be solving your problem and helping yourself.There are times when we find others responsible for it in that case we need to discuss it the matter very carefully and in such a way that person would understand his mistake rather than blaming the person as he too has feelings as she or he just like you. The approach should be positive so that the person would listen to you instead ignoring you.Life seems to be very complex in this century but it is we who does that because we usually fails to give time to our selves due to which we fails to understands ourselves and thus we fails to understand others. Apart from this more than half of the problems arises due to lack of understanding each other.

Say Cheers to Life with big smile to yourself and others too….!!!